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OEBKC Breeders Breeder Referral   The Olde English Bulldogge Kennel Club is very selective of the breeders we refer. While the OEBKC enoucrages breeders to improve in phenotype, genotype and complete health clearances, potential puppy homes should still research the breeder.  If you are in communication with an Olde English Bulldogge breeder that isn't listed on our breeder referral list, be sure to ask them why they aren't on this list but are willing to register their dogs with the United Kennel Club.  If the pup can not be registered with UKC or OEBKC it is not the original Olde English Bulldogge.        Connecticut   Rose City Bulldogges Aubrey Ross Phone: 860-861-8960 Email: rosecitybulldogges@yahoo.com Website: Rose City Bulldogges     Indiana Powerhouse Bulldogges Deane Jefford- Email: jeffordiii@gmail.com Website:   Oklahoma Oakleaf Bulldogges Tom Cruickshank - Oklahoma City, OK Email: oakleafbulldogges@gmail.com Website: Oakleaf Bulldogges  
Germany   Castlebulls Olde English Bulldogges Marga & Sylvia Thul Email: Lolabull@t-online.de Website: Castlebulls Olde English Bulldogges
Vermont Green Mountain Bullies Bonnie Castonguay & Marshall Rich Email: Greenmountainbullies@gmail.com Website: Greenmountainbullies.com
New Jersey Trinity Bulldogges Steve and Doreen Jacobs Email: livingalegacyoeb@aol.com Website: to be announced
Pennsylvania  Living a Legacy Bulldogges Marian and Jason Knott - Dover, PA Email: livingalegacyoeb@aol.com Website: Living a Legacy Bulldogges
Royal Blood kennels
Arnaldo Diaz Jr Email: royalbloodknls91@gmail.com Website: to be announced